The Change is Within
Nicole Leslie Lewis
Nicole Leslie Lewis

I am by choice and by philosophy an optimist. In-spite of the sad state of the world I see around me, I have reasons believe in us. The word believe is being used to mean “drink in” and “swallow”. My belief, after all, is a voluntary action – I choose to believe, choose what to drink in and swallow. Remember the old saying “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink”? I believe we each create our own reality as individual parts of the collective. So, the “reality”of the world we see is our own creation. We must own up to this, not by useless guilt but by a promising and fantastic reality!

Today we are overwhelmed by waves and frequencies, sights and sounds continually flood our senses. We are targeted from every direction by messages filling our minds with provoking content to the point of saturation. Information overloads are charged with emotional impact that spill over into our subconscious and unconscious minds.

It is there, in our subconscious and unconscious minds that the core of our being exists; it is our sacred space where our beliefs are formed. It is there in that most intimate inner space where we can be made vulnerable to cunningly deceitful information (inner formation) which is designed to deceive us by convincing us to ignore our freedom, dismiss truth, and ignore our full potential.

Our contemporaries go about “business as usual”, serving up and drinking in and swallowing the corporate system while watching news of wars, threats of mass diseases, financial crisis, terrorist attacks, extinction and global warming. Fear is offered up to us daily, on a platter of fool’s gold. If we aren’t selective of what we choose to believe, this bleak picture of the world would have us see ourselves as powerless and voiceless. A speck in the masses, and our endeavors nothing but a worthless drop in an endless ocean. In this scenario, one who dares to dream of a brighter future is scorned by society. Those who try to save the world or fight the evil in it are all too often discouraged, and end up perceiving themselves crushed under a faceless, merciless, bloody, all powerful and seemingly unstoppable faceless entity. This entity is and has always been the “super predator” of our planet. No matter the government, regime, religion, empire, corporation, kingdom or secret society governing us, at all times the behind the scenes predator is and always has been the same … and has always had the same purpose. This predator entity is ruling the world thanks to our vote, our alliance, our compliance, our indifference, our ignorance and our faith in it; it is by our purchase it exists. But this entity would have no power whatsoever if each of us took our own power back.

That’s the good news! In the metaphysical view (and now even science has come to submit to it) the power of our visualization and our creativity go beyond the limits we were taught to believe. The laws of physics go beyond our wildest dreams. If each of us would simply free our mind’s energy and focus towards being the change, we would eventually see change manifested in the world.

We don’t have to go out and change the world (thank heavens). We don’t even have to convince a single person of our point of view. We simply need to change our home, our relations and our own back yard. Then when others see the light in our eyes and in our life and in our space, they will want a piece of it. Envy is a great motivator. We simply need to do our part of the magic, make the change within, then it will spread heart-by-heart. And that will very satisfying indeed.

Believing in politicians and governments and investing our hopes in outside solutions is a waste of our precious and fleeting energy. Fighting, opposing and protesting the evil predator in any of its forms is how we give our power away. What we resist, persists.

Turn your eyes within. We are the power of change. It may seem too good and too simple to be true, but this is because from the beginning of our lives we have been conditioned and trained to rely on external stimuli to form our perception of the world. We have been wrongfully led to rely on external sources for our understanding of reality.

When, if we would only go within ourselves we would connect to the whole, then as a complete and whole individual, then and only then will we work effectively as a collective.

Never underestimate the effects of your seemingly unnoticed labors of love or the power of one’s life. Keep believing in love and listen to your heart and hear it whisper: I promise, a change is gonna come.

As Michael Jackson shared with us:

I’m starting with the man in the mirror
I’m asking him to change his ways
And no message could have been any clearer
If you wanna make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself, and then make a change


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