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Hallesque - an accurate platform.

HALLESQUE.com is the successor of HuntingForThompson.com. That platform was launch by John as an involuntary and visceral reaction to the United States’ (pun intended) 2016 election cycle and the harsh realities and continuing consequences of the Electoral College’s coronation of Donald J. Trump as Commander in Chief. Soon after its launch, a few friends joined John and the dominoes began to fall. . . .

HuntingForThompson.com provided a great outlet to express fears and frustrations which were, and remain, in abundance due to the Trump Presidency. Illness visited John, irreconcilable differences between participants prevailed, and a visceral response instead of a vision for HuntingForThompson.com all led to its inactivity (but mainly it was John’s ailment that sidelined the platform).

Now that John is on the mend, he thought about returning to writing for HuntingForThompson.com. After much contemplation though, he thought it better to start anew (as it were). So without further ado, we submit for your approval and participation – either as a gentle reader and/or as a contributor – HALLESQUE.com:

HALLESQUE™ ~ (n) a corridor or passage in a building, a large room for assembly. In a world wherein science is dismissed outright and alternative facts are both in vogue and vile, HALLESQUE.com convenes a virtual hall for a convocation of conscience. HALLESQUE.com aims to be the least factual, most accurate social-political platform.

“After all, as any sniper knows, it is accuracy that truly counts – not the fact that you fired a shot” (John R. Hall).

A Few FAQs:


Q: On the homepage, upper-left corner, there is a temperature and a city/town, why does it periodically change from Big Sur, CA., to other locations? It is confusing me … and why can’t it be my local weather there?

Big Sur, CA., is the virtual headquarters for HALLESQUE.com and where we plan to plant our physical operations center. The location changes periodically based on John’s physical location, but not always; it depends solely on John’s mood and whether or not he wants to share his location. So, it’s a whimsical thing. As for your local weather displayed on the platform, we asked John about that and he said: “They have a window, tell them to open it and check out the weather.” NOTE: Clicking on the city/town name leads to information about it. . . .

Q:I enjoy the articles and stories that are published on HALLESQUE.com but notice that the content is sporadically updated. Why is that? And will there be daily, real-time news and commentary coming.

HALLESQUE.com is just getting up and running. We are currently focusing on search engines and paid search ad placements (AdWords) to drive readers and traffic to the platform, developing our own mobile and desktop apps, and we are networking and building relationships with other platforms. We are working with news providers to embed their real-time news-feeds on HALLESQUE.com.  We are also actively recruiting and interviewing writers and contributors. We have plans to take over the world, but one step at a time. Hang in there and bear with us, we will be a force to be reckoned with here, and on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. . . . maybe we’ll even appear on that  flat-screen in your front room and at your local newsstand. After all: “Savoir-Faire is everywhere!”